3PCS Drilled Crystal Quartz Jade Egg for Kegel Exercise Pelvic Floor Muscles Vaginal Exercise Yoni Egg Health Care for Women Gift

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This item is manufactured with premium material for durable and long-lasting use. Yoni Eggs are egg-shaped crystals which are used by women to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and to gain better bladder control. Also can be used as massage stone ,decoration display or any spiritual purpose.

- Color: Blue.
- Material: Jade.
- Size 1: 45 x 30mm.
- Size 2: 40 x 25mm.
- Size 3: 30 x 20mm.
- Hand carved and polished without using any chemical treatment nor any waxing.
- Smooth, perfect egg for kegel exercise.
- Throughout the ages, the egg has symbolized new beginnings, the spark of creation.
- Traditional folk religion regards the egg as a powerful symbol of fertility, purity and rebirth.